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Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm EST
to the african continent where she visited liberia, ghana and the ivory coast. the primary mission of the trip was to participate in the inauguration of william holder, the new president of liberia. for the first time, the first lady would be the official representative of the united states. as such, pat met privately with the president as well as prime e prime minister and the president of ghana and the president -- sorry, of the ivory coast. i think i just murdered their names, for which i apologize. her official party of 40 included the reverend billy graham. he and tolbert were both ministers, and mrs. john h. johnson, the wife of the president of johnson publishing company. in addition to official meetings, press conferences and speeches before political parties, the africans treated pat and her entourage to a whirlwind of dippers, receptions -- dippers, receptions and presentations. pat took her responsibilities on the trip very seriously. duly noted in the biography that pat snuck away on christmas day to go over her briefing notes to organize her thoughts for the upcoming trip. althoug
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am EST
and liberia. an issue for nigeria, in the north of the country they have been fighting against an islamist insurgency for the past few months. it's been a very difficult fight. they say that has given them relevant experience. what's clear is this conflict in mali is becoming international. >> that was from the north of nigeria. our security correspondent is with me now. gordon, we erred from the japanese prime minister earlier talking about all the things that he wants done. there are crisis meetings going on all over the planet. what options do leaders have? >> very few good options. this is one of the most complicated hostage crises you can imagine. an incredibly remote location in algeria, a gas facility, heavily armed militants have been pretty good weaponry and potentially having explosives around or even .n some of the hostages, apar and you have britain, norway, japan, america, algeria, all these countries trying to negotiate a response. the algerian is likely will be in the lead, because they are the ones on the ground. it is a fluid situation. things have been going on even today
Jan 1, 2013 8:00pm EST
speech before a joint session of congress. she's the president of liberia, ellen johnson serley. i was sitting in liberia. i said to her, james madison, by design, said this is to be an ugly, messy, difficult process. i'll never forget how she looked at me and said, david, you've forgotten one thing. yes, it is an ugly, messy, difficult process but you have to add the fact that it works. and as difficult as it has been to get to this point, we need to realize that it's an ugly, messy, difficult process, this is a very small step, it's a first step in our quest for tax reform and entitlement reform which will get us back onto a path toward economic growth and the kind of prosperity that we want and that the american people deserve and it will create a greater degree of certainty, we all know that uncertainty is the enemy of prosperity and so making permanent these tax cuts for 99% of the american people is a very important step in our quest to ep sure that there is that degree of -- to ensure that there is a degree of certainty. mr. speaker, i will say again that i do associate myse
Jan 13, 2013 10:00am EST
colony of liberia where some people of african descent were being repatriated, and here is what is called the killing this coast. limbo was the name of the slave trading fortress. here are the men day for the red , closer to the coast. it but this basically is the region were almost all of them came from. now, what kind of experiences did they have? it turns out one of the most important things that all of the men killed all 49 of the men had in common, they were trained warriors. it turned out that southern sierra leone in the 1830's was wracked by warfare, apparently because this group in tandem with southern slave traders in this region have gone into the interior making more and capturing people to bring them back to the coast to sell, to be transported to places like cuba and brazil especially. so understanding that these people were warriors helps you to see why they might have been successful in carrying off this rebellion that actually prove to be a very important fact. this is an image of a warrior from the same time. it says a warrior with poisoned arrows. i show you this image
Jan 15, 2013 10:00am PST
-time ally, liberia's president ellen johnson surleaf. >> it's important to be here today to see that you have fully recovered from your recent illness. >>> on "today" chelsea clinton speaks for the first time about her mom's recovery. >> she is exuding the energy, the vibrancy, and certainly the mental acuty that she always has. i am so grateful that she is not only fine, but healthy and vibrant and strong and, you know, god willing, will be for the next 65 years of her life. >> and chelsea clinton is also chairing the national day of service on saturday. more on that to come. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. the political cavalry has arrived. new york senator chuck schumer has given his seal of approval to president obama's defense nominee. any decision that could rally senate democrats and signal an easier path to confirmation for former senator chuck hagel. joining us now washington post columnist greta -- white house correspondent kristen welker. welcome both. kristen, what is the white house, breathing a huge sigh of relief now that they've reeled chuck schumer in o
Jan 11, 2013 1:00am EST
an immigrant to the u.s.? caller: yes, but a legal immigrant. i'm from liberia. host: our caller is talking about why is it different for someone who immigrated in the 60's versus today? and what does it mean to be an american? guest: we as a country have had a long and sometimes good and sometimes difficult relationship with immigrants. we have gone from the days of the irish need not apply and the chinese exclusion act to the immigration and naturalization act of 1955. even the previous caller spoke on this. we reached a bubbling moment within the country and then saner heads prevailed and we were actually able to fix our immigration system. what it means to be american is if you believe in family, you believe in hard work and opportunity and freedom. that's why my parents came to parents and mark's all across. host: where is your family from? guest: >> pakistan. host: you're born in the u.s.? guest: >> yes. at the end of the day, being american is defining who we are as a people and as a society. it's up to congress to get its act together. host: a tweet -- guest: that was a requirement
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
to help our countrymen port their liberias together. we did it here in the snavment but the house walked away, just like they did with postal reform, just like they did with agricultural reform, our farm bill, and like they've walked away from so many different things this year. they left these people without help. they're gone. they've left. they're not in washington. and i'm disappointed we've turned our books -- and i don't include me in this operation or anyone ha in this 123459 -- buti am deeply disappointed that the house of representatives have turned their backs on people who are suffering. and please understand everybody, this does not include the leadership of leader pelosi, leader hoyer. they've done their best to gather their troops to help anytime anything is needed. but it's not who we should be as americans. just to walk away from these people. wintertime is now there. when disaster strikes, fire, floods, storm, or earthquake, we in the past haven't paused and we don't delay. but we have here. as men's we respond -- as americans we respond with haste when american lives ar
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7